08 Sep 2017

OAU Vice President Stab Social Director As Dem SUG Excos Dey Fight On Top N3.8 Million

Tori carry am say two people land for hospital after the fight wey happen between the members dem of SUG for OAU Ile-Ife Osun State

Dem talk say dem bin dey fight on top money matter, the money wey be N3.8 million wey the School Management give dem to take do project for the School; the fight lead  to wetin dem dey break bottle on top and the SUG vice president wey her be miss Tosin Jacob stab the social director, Adebayo Emmanuel for hand after wey him don bin give tosin headbutt beat her seriously; the fight start for the meeting wey dem get on top how dem go take share the money

After wey dem ask the Public Relation Officer of the SUG about the matter him talk say wetin happen no be something wey him fit just tell public; say the bottle wey dem break inside the president office no be wetin concern everybody and say even home and for Federal level sef dem dey get misunderstanding wey even dey lead to fight; him talk say dem don settle everything among them self

Tori talk say the SUG leaders  Prof. Isaiaka Aransi wey be OAU Head of Student Affairs Division talk say the money don dey SUG Excos hand and say the students don even bin accuse the SUG before say dem embezzle money say dem buy bus wey dem collect 2.5 million on top for N900,000 and dem don even spend out of the N3m



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